Engineering Company «B&S» is the Official Distributor:

  1. Low Voltage Equipment 0,4 kV

  • "ABB"
  • "EATON"
  • "ETI"
  • "Novatek"
  • "KVK-Electro"
  1. Metalware

  • "ABB"
  • "EATON"
  • "DKC"
  1. Electric Tools and Cable Expendables

  1. Transformers

  • Authorized representative of power and distribution transformers manufacturer SEA S.P.A Italy
  1. Medium voltage switchgears 6-10-35 kV

  • The official exclusive representative of ORMAZABAL Germany, Spain
  1. Busbar System

  • ЕАЕ Turkey

Engineering Company «B&S» is the Official Distributor of Switchboard Manufacturers:

  • "ABB"
  • "EATON"
  • "ETI"
  • "DKC"

Engineering Company «B&S» is the Official Partner of the Famous  trading Brands:

  • Weidmüller
  • Lovato
  • Socomec
  • Bals
  • Legrand
  • Relpol

We specialized in:

  • Delivery of dry cast-resin transformers and medium voltage switchgears 6-10-35 kV.
  • Design and development of technical solutions for configuration of the transformer substations.
  • Assamblage and installation of the switchboard equipment.
  • Design and developing of technical documentation in accordance with technical specifications.
  • Adaptation of design decisions to the electrical equipment of the specificmanufacturer.
  • Development of application software and programming of the intelligent relays and programmable logic controllers.
  • Low voltage switchboard production. The whole range of manufactured products is provided with technical documentation, technical certificate , as well as guarantee.