Focus on Medium Voltage

As one of the leading manufacturers of Medium Voltage equipment worldwide, Ormazabal provide our customers with solutions for electrical distribution networks that are based on high added-value products and services.

We can rely on our personnel, their knowledge and commitment, to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Our management is based on our values: flexibility, leadership, innovation, pragmatism and support

Since Ormazabal was founded in 1967, it has been an engine for innovation in the electrical distribution sector, working closely with power companies around the world.

Customer oriented

Customer satisfaction is the result of close collaboration. This allows us to offer the best solutions, combining knowledge with experience, as well as the best products and services.

This is based on:

  • Generating value
  • Meeting their present and future needs
  • Excellence in services
  • Establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships
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Product overview

MV Switchgear Primary Distribution

Air Insulation

  • type AMC - Metal-clad system, withdrawable technique up to 17.5 kV, up to 2500 A, 31.5 kA .


  • type CPG.0 - Single busbar gas-insulated cubicles up to  36 kV, 1600 A, 25 kA.
  • type CPG.1 - Single and double busbar gas-insulated cubicles up to 36 kV, 2000 A, 31.5 kA.

Vacuum Circuit Breakers

  • NVL -  Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to  24kV.
  • CiBOR - Intelligent Circuit Breaker up to 17.5 kV.

MV Switchgear Secondary Distribution

Air Insulation

  • type EA - Metal-enclosed system, modular design up to  24 kV, 630 А, 20 kА.


  • type CGMCOSMOS - Modular and compact system up to  24 kV, 630 А, 25 kА.
  • type CGM.3 - Modular and compact (Ring Main Unit)  system  up  to 36 kV, 630 А, 20 kА.
  • type GA - Non-extensible ring main unit up to 24 kV, 630 А, 20 kА.
  • type GAE  - Extensible system, modular design up to  24 kV, 630А, 1250 А, 20 кА.

Relay Protection

  • systems: ekorRPG, ekorRPT, ekorRPS, ekorRPT-K

Automation and Remote Control

  • systems: ekorUCT, ekorCCP, ekorRCI, ekorSTP,ekorRTK, ekorDPF, ekorSAS