Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage (0.4 kV) switchboard production made on the basis of high quality metal cabinets and equipped with ultra-modern electrical equipment of leading world manufacturers – ABB, Eaton, Siemens.

  • Power, distributive, lead-in-distributive switchboards of any complexity and saturation, which can be equipped by the ATS-facility (Automatic Transfer Switch), made on the basis of traditional relay circuits and “smart” ATS using the modern micro-logical technique, that improves performance, reliability and selectivity of the ATS.
  • Control switchboards. In particular, control switchboards for electric engines made on the basis of traditional circuits – direct start, reverse assemblies, the assemblies “star-triangle”, and on the basis of the soft-starters and frequency converters – making it possible not only to run engines at the nominal currents, but also to vary the frequency of rotation during the operation, which saves energy and increases the engines life-cycle.
  • Electric power consumption metering switchboards – equipped with modern electricity meters to account for active and reactive component of power consumption. Range of applications – from industrial plant, shopping mall, to individual cottages, apartments, garages.
  • Automation switchboards – equipped with the modern facilities for the technological process management, depending on the complexity of the problem and on the wishes of the Customer. A control system can be based on “intelligent” micro-logical relays or programmable logical controllers.
  • Telecommunication switchboards – equipped with telecommunication facilities, the complexity and configuration depends on customer requirements.