Our Company stands together with Ukraine #standwithukraine

🇺🇦 Our company has been working in the energy market of Ukraine for 16 years, in cooperation with European companies and brands. We strongly condemn the invasion of Russian-led troops into the territory of our sovereign independent peaceful Ukraine and their conduct of a brutal bloody war against our people. They ruthlessly are killing our children and women, our families. There is no justification and forgiveness for this, this is criminal, it is the genocide of our nation, total terror that must be punished by the whole world!

At the moment, our team is safe. Some of our team members are forced to hide in bomb shelters, our men stand protecting our security, joining the Territorial Defense troops voluntarily. Our production, office, and warehouse are in Kyiv, and at the moment we do not have the opportunity to run our business. However, each of us is trying to support our Armed Forces. We believe we will survive, our glorious heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine courageously defend their fatherland and us. We are infinitely proud of our Armed Forces, our people and our country. We believe that our Ukraine as a phoenix will be reborn from the ashes charming, picturesque and flourishing.


We are unbreakable! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Nation! 🇺🇦

#standwithukraine #saveukraine #stopwarinukraine

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Death to enemies! #русскийвоенныйкорабльидинахуй


Engineering company “B&S” was established in 2006. Since that time we successfully work in the electric power market of Ukraine.
Company’s portfolio includes complex delivery of electro-technical tools and equipment of the world-famous manufacturers, and complex customized solutions: 10 kV – a transformer – 0,4 kV, taking into account special requirements of the customer for power and industrial facilities, shopping and office centers, housing complex solutions.

In the switchboard production, we use only reliable equipment of the world brands: ABB, Eaton, Siemens.

The Engineering Company “B&S” is the official distributor of the European companies: HAUPA (Germany), ORMAZABAL (Germany, Spain), SEA S.P.A. (Italy), EAE (Turkey).



We work with SEA transformers. SEA transformers are used in more than 65 countries all around the world. These transformers have proved their quality in the domains of energy utilities, heavy industries, renewable applications, testing laboratories and other special applications.

LV Switchgear

LV Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear Low voltage (0.4 kV) switchboard production made on the basis of high quality metal cabinets and equipped with ultra-modern electrical equipment of leading world manufacturers – ABB, Eaton, Siemens.

MV Switchgear

MV Switchgear

Focus on Medium Voltage As one of the leading manufacturers of Medium Voltage equipment worldwide, Ormazabal provide our customers with solutions for electrical distribution networks that are based on high added-value products and services. Attachments Ormazabal Product Overview File size:

Look at HAUPA Tools

High-quality tools for your electrical engineering projects!

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ABB Partner Day 2019

The annual meeting of manufacturers of MV switchgears, complete transformer substations, and LV switchgears.

Professional Labeling and Marking

We perform labeling and marking of conductors, equipment, terminal blocks and cabinets with professional inscripted labeling by Phoenix Contact.