• Technical support of the planning organizations during the power systems and automation design
  • Engineering design services for electrical and automation systems
  • Technical support during the design of the power systems and automation solutions
  • Adaptation of design solutions to the specific manufacturer hardware facilities
  • LV switchboard production according to the project documentation, as well as according to the specific Customer needs.
  • Development of the application software and programming of the intelligent relays and programmable logic controllers
  • Training and technical support of the operational personnel of the Customer
  • Technical support during the reconstruction and expansion of the power systems
  • Warranty and service

Products and Technical Solutions

Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and Switchgears (36 kV) with air, vacuum and gas (SF6) insulation, produced in Germany and Spain.

Dry Cast Resin Transformers and Oil Transformers 6 (10) kV / 0.4 (0.69) kV up to 3150kVA (with power above 3150kVA up to 20MVA – on request), produced in Italy.

Low voltage (0.4 kV) switchboard production made on the basis of high quality metal cabinets and equipped with ultra-modern electrical equipment of leading world manufacturers – ABB, Eaton, Siemens.

Switch- and panel-boards on the basis of electrical equipment of leading world manufacturers – ABB, Eaton, ETI, Weidmuller, Siemens

 Floor-mounted cabinets:

  • Input-distribution switchboards and by request
  • Distribution switchboards of type РУ-0,4кВ and by request
  • Low voltage distribution switchboards of type КРУНН and by request
  • Power distribution cabinets of type СПМ99  and by request
  • Control switchboards of type ЩМУ and by request
  • Control switchboards for asynchronous engines
  • Exterior lighting control switchboards
  • Power Factor Control Installations
  • Automation switchboards
  • ATS switchboards
  • Switchboards КИП and А
  • Switchboards АСУ ТП

Wall-mounted basis:

  • Distribution switchboards of type ПР11, ПР11Д and by request
  • Power breaking boxes of type ЯР, ЯРП, ЯПР, ЯПРП and by request
  • Input-distribution switchboards
  • Cable assemblies of type СК-3М, СК-5М and by request
  • Record-keeping boxes with closer of type ЯУР, ЯУРП and by request
  • Control boxes for asynchronous engines of type Я5000, ЯЭ5000 and by request
  • Local control switchboards of type  ШМУ and by request
  • Lighting control boxes of type ЯУО96 and by request
  • Lighting switchboards of type ЩО, ЩАО, ЩА and by request
  • Start and control switchboards for ventilation system
  • Automatic power reserve transfer devices of type ATS 2.0, АВР2.1, АВР2.1-ДГ and by request – relay and microprocessor technologies

Hanging box basis:

  • electricity metering boards

The assembling and installation of electro-technical products is performed using professional high-quality electro-technical tools and consumables of the HAUPA Company (Remscheid, Germany).